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The Panhandle Regional Organization to Maximize Public Transportation (PROMPT) committee is an advisory committee administered by the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission (PRPC). PROMPT has been involved in public transit planning in the Panhandle since 2006. This region spans the top 26 counties in the Texas Panhandle and the 63 cities therein.


Board of Directors

Amarillo City Transit Director (Urban Transit Provider)

Marita Wellage-Reiley

Marita is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and has worked in the transit industry for over 45 years.  Marita has a background in consulting and has worked with agencies such as DART in Dallas, TX, and MARTA in Atlanta, GA.  She has brought a sense of stability and a wealth of knowledge to Amarillo City Transit and is a valued planning partner.

Director of Panhandle Transit (Rural Transit Provider)

Lylene Springer

Lylene Springer is from rural New Mexico and has worked for Panhandle Transit since 2003. Lylene began her career as a driver and has advanced her career through the positions of dispatcher, office manager, director of operations, and is the current Director of Transit. Lylene has served on state boards for rural transit and is a valued member of the PROMPT board.
Outreach Manager, ModivCare

Grace Strait

Grace has been involved in the social work world for over 30 years and has been an Outreach Manager for ModivCare since 2017. Grace has extensive knowledge of federal and state laws, the Medicaid system, and non-emergency medical transportation. She brings a unique perspective to the PROMPT board and is an active participant.
Jan Werner Adult Day Care

Jim Chilcote

Jim is the Director of Transportation for Jan Werner Adult Day Care. Jan Werner is a non-profit, private day facility for seniors and seniors with memory impairments. Jan Werner previously worked with the Area Agency on Aging to provide transportation to older adults and individuals with disabilities. Though they do not provide this service, they do still operate a transportation service for their clients. Jim has worked in non-profit transportation or over 30 years and is an integral member of PROMPT and provides a unique perspective on the needs of the elderly and disabled in the Panhandle.
Texas Department of Health and Human Services

Desha Butler

Desha Butler has worked for the State of Texas for 30 years in aging and disability services. Desha is a representative of the Department of Health and Human Services and currently works as a Program Manager for the Region 1 Community Care Services Eligibility Office. Desha utilizes her experience and knowledge of state health systems, benefits and eligibility, and her passion for helping others to every PROMPT board meeting.
Amarillo MPO

Travis Muno

Travis is the Director of the Amarillo MPO and has worked for the City of Amarillo for 20 years. Travis serves as the administrator for this organization and is charged with carrying out the planning processes which bring federal and state funding to the area for transportation projects. Travis has previously served as the Interim Director for Transit for Amarillo City Transit and is very familiar with the issues and needs or urban transportation.
Panhandle Independent Living Center

Joe Rogers

Joe Rogers has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Panhandle Independent Living Center (PILC) since 2015. PILC provides a consumer-based, comprehensive suite of services to help people with disabilities gain and maintain their independence. He began his career with PILC in 2008 when he developed and managed a public transportation travel training project funded by the New Freedom Initiative, administered by TxDOT. As a PROMPT member, he brings a broad understanding of disability issues including housing, employment, public transportation, and independent living.
Director of Community Development for the City of Amarillo

Jason Riddlespurger

Jason is a life-long resident of Amarillo, Texas. He is a retired 24-year veteran of the Amarillo Police Department where he served in various roles throughout his career. He is now the director of Community Development where he is leading the city’s response to improving the community, alleviating poverty, and finding lasting solutions to homelessness.
Area Agency on Aging

Sundee Rossi

Sundee is a native of Longview, Texas and graduated from Texas A&M – Texarkana with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology and a Master of Science (MS) in Counseling Psychology. She began her career by counseling victims of domestic violence and persons affected by drug and alcohol dependency. Sundee worked for the State of Georgia for 10 years coordinating supports and assessments of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Sundee moved to Amarillo in 2011 and began her career with the Area Agency on Aging, serving as the Operations Coordinator. Sundee was promoted to Director in 2021 and is an active advocate for seniors in all program areas. She brings determination and thoughtfulness to every meeting and continues to be a strong partner in transportation planning.
RN, MSN, West Texas A&M University

Laura Reyher

Laura Reyher has been a registered nurse for 40 years and has given of herself to the home health care industry for 30 years. Primarily, her interest has been finding suitable transportation for senior adults who are unable to drive themselves and cannot access the local public transportation system. Laura was a founding member of the Senior Ambassadors Coalition (SAC), a group of 70 different organizations, agencies and businesses working to improve the lives of senior adults in the Texas Panhandle. She organized and chaired the SAC Transportation Committee from 2001 to 2013. She has served on PROMPT since its inception and provides valuable insight into the needs of the elderly population regarding transportation.
Veterans Affairs Administration

Timothy Holland

Timothy Holland is a veteran of the United States Army where he served for over 17 years. He serves as the veteran’s representative on the PROMPT board and has a background in personnel management, rail delivered freight, and law enforcement. Timothy brings his military experience and familiarity with Veterans Administration programs to all planning meetings and provides valuable feedback on behalf of the veteran population in the region.
Workforce Solutions Panhandle

Trent Morris

Trent has worked in employment development for over 30 years and is the chief operating officer for the company which manages the Texas Workforce Solutions contract for the Workforce Solutions Panhandle office. Trent has managed this contract and provided employment assistance services for a number of years and is committed to fostering collaborative partnerships that help citizens in the region attain gainful employment. Trent lends a realistic and optimistic viewpoint on workforce development in the region.
Coalition of Health Services

Kacie Bell

Kacie is a program director for state funding that offers early childhood education and resources through home visiting services. Kacie works directly with clients who have young children and need transportation services to access child care, employment, and essential services. Kacie previously worked at Region 16 and has been with the Coalition of Health Services for 10 years. Kacie joined the PROMPT board in 2021 and is already an active and vocal participant in the transportation planning process.
Moore County Judge

The Honorable Rowdy Rhoades

Judge Rhoades is an integral part of the PROMPT board and has participated in the transportation planning process since its inception. Before becoming county judge, Judge Rhoades owned and operated a successful body shop. This experience gives him direct knowledge of the intricacies involved in maintaining a transportation fleet. He has been involved in Moore County for over 20 years, serving as Mayor of Dumas and, in 2007, being elected as County Judge for Moore County.
Potter County Judge

The Honorable Nancy Tanner

Judge Tanner has served Potter County for over 20 years in various roles, including the office of County Judge which she assumed in 2014. Judge Tanner’s long history of involvement in the county has made her attuned to the needs of the citizens. She serves on several PRPC boards including the Panhandle Rural Planning Organization (PRPO), the PRPC Board of Directors, and the PREMAC. In addition, Judge Tanner serves on the Amarillo MPO Policy Committee and plays a vital role in transportation in the Texas Panhandle.
Hansford County Judge

The Honorable Benny Wilson

Judge Wilson has served as Hansford County Judge since 2004. As an army veteran, he also serves as the County Veteran Service Officer. Judge Wilson currently serves as the Board Chairman for the Texas Association of Counties HEBP (Health Insurance Pool).
Carson County Judge

The Honorable Dan Looten

Judge Looten has been a life-long resident of Panhandle, Texas. Prior to being elected county judge, Judge Looten was a farmer, business owner, and Mayor of Panhandle. Judge Looten began his service as county judge in 2014. He serves on the PROMPT Board and the PRPC Board of Directors.
City Manager, City of Borger

Garrett Spradling

Garrett is a lifelong resident of the Panhandle and attended Texas Tech University where he earned both his Master of Public Administration (MPA) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science. Garrett is a certified Public Manager and is actively involved in the Panhandle City Manager’s Association and the Texas City Manager’s Association. Garrett served on the Council of the City of Borger before pursuing a full-time career with the City’s Police Department. He currently serves as the City Manager and is an active participant at PROMPT meetings.
VP of Business Affairs, Amarillo College

Chris Sharp

Chris was born and raised in the Texas Panhandle. He has worked with cities and counties in the Panhandle for many years while employed at PRPC. He worked for eleven years as the Assistant City Manager of Canyon, and is now Vice President of Business Affairs for Amarillo College. Along with serving on the PROMPT Board, he also is a member of the City of Amarillo’s TIRZ II Board. Chris recognizes the unique challenges that community college students face in accessing transportation and continually looks for opportunities to collaborate on projects to improve access for students.

Richard Neill

Richard Neill represents TxDOT PTN at the PROMPT board meetings. Richard has worked in the program management section of TxDOT for over 15 years and is a constant source of reliable information for PROMPT. His expertise as Public Transportation Coordinator is displayed continuously through various meetings she attends to outline the rules and regulations associated with the administration of grant and other funding from TxDOT. Richard is always available for questions regarding possible projects and often attends miscellaneous coordination meetings to help participants determine the viability of possible coordination projects.